How we hire

Join us and change the way logistics is done.

Recruitment process

Who is the perfect fit for us? Bold and progressive individuals who are willing to work hard for our mission to digitalize logistics. Collaborators who want to build, create, grow, and help others do the same. We realize that it’s easier to succeed when everything is running smoothly, but the biggest credits here at Eurosender go to those who stand up and help us through difficulties and hard times.  

  • Application 

    When you find a job description that lights the spark in your eyes, make sure you create an application tailored to that specific role. What differentiates good applications from outstanding ones are the personalization: we want to see that you have done some research about Eurosender and that you can match your skills to the requirements.


  • Review 

    We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible if there’s a suitable match. If we don’t feel there’s a good match we will keep your application on file in case something more suitable comes up later.


  • HR interview 

    After we review your application, we will contact you invite you to meet virtually on a “get-to-know-each-other” interview with an HR team member. This interview will give you an opportunity to talk about your skills and areas of expertise and to ask general questions about our culture and the position.


  • Task, Assessment or a Trial day 

    Task, assessment or a trial day help us understand your thought process and shows us how you would approach the challenges. We suggest you take enough time to do it – we are looking for bold and progressive solutions with your unique personal touch.

    NOTE: Not all the positions require a skills assessment.


  • Deep dive interview 

    The purpose of the second interview is to discuss your skills with a hiring manager, who is an expert in that field. You can expect a more technical in-depth discussion about responsibilities and existing processes. Do not hesitate to ask about details and specific tasks.


  • Meet the management 

    On the final interview, you will meet our decision-makers and discuss your skills, motivation, and ideas. Let us know how you see yourself adding your talents to our team. You will also get an even better idea about our culture, leadership, and strategy.


  • Decision time 

    If good feelings are mutual after 3 rounds of interviews and we decide to grow together, we will hit the ground running as soon as possible. Through our onboarding process, you will get all the information you need to achieve great things.

    If we realize we are not a perfect fit (at any stage), we invite you to keep an eye on the jobs section and to apply again whenever you spot a suitable role for yourself.



Should I apply in English or can I do it in any other language?

Since we have built a multicultural team, fluent English is required for any position in our company. In order to be considered in our selection process, you should provide your CV and motivation letter in English.

I want to apply for multiple positions, is that ok?

If you feel like your skills connect to more than one position, you are very welcome to apply for all of them. Mind, though, that applying for positions that do not resonate with your skills at all sends us a strong (and not so positive) information that you did not really read and/or understand what we are looking for.

How long does it take to hear back after I've applied?

We are doing our best to ensure timely and transparent communication with candidates, who apply for our positions. If your CV matches the requirements, we will contact you in about 2 weeks. However, due to a great number of applications for some positions, it might take a bit longer to hear back from us. Thank you for your understanding.

Will my interview be virtual or in-person?

Our recruitment process is a combination of virtual and in-person meetings. The first HR interview is a virtual one. After that, at least one of the remaining interviews will be conducted in person – if the circumstances will allow it of course.

How can I prepare for the interview?

Interviewing at Eurosender is about discovering each other’s values and skills. Therefore, the best preparation is doing some background research about us and based on that, connecting your skills and interests to role responsibilities. We appreciate honesty and curiosity, so we encourage you to prepare some questions for us as well.

What does a practical test or assessment look like?

The content of a test or assessment depends on the position and is strongly connected to the professional field you are coming from. In general, we will ask you to work on a task that is a good example of what you will be working on if you join the team. It is a great opportunity for you to show us your resourcefulness and progressiveness.

When will I hear back after my final interview?

We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible – usually within a few days. However, it might take a little longer if we have more than one candidate in the final round of interviews. Our HR team is always available for updates and questions while the decision is being made.