Eurosender Team Bucket List

08 December 2020

Eurosender Team Bucket List

Working in a diverse team is interesting and rewarding for all kinds of reasons. What is really interesting though is that no matter how diverse we are regarding our roots, age, professional background, etc., we have so many interests in common. We appreciate that not only because it connects us as individuals, but also because it helps us to collaborate better as a team.

On one of our regular (virtual) Friday Croissants sessions*, we put together a team bucket list:

  • take a Trans Siberian railway,
  • travel to Australia,
  • do a race lap on every European moto GP racetrack,
  • travel around the world,
  • travel to SE Asia and do a road trip across the USA,
  • travel to Scotland, British Columbia, Iceland,
  • finish Everesting challenge,
  • see a game of Christiano Ronaldo before he retires,
  • build a log house,
  • travel to the USA,
  • learn Italian and/or French,
  • travel to Maldives,
  • travel to Russia,
  • climb Triglav,
  • travel anywhere (starting with Greece),
  • dance & party all night long,
  • go sky diving,
  • adopt a dog,
  • travel to Bora Bora,
  • learn how to play the violin,
  • adopt a horse,
  • write a book,
  • meet up with friends,
  • travel to Lapland,
  • swim with sharks,
  • travel to Czech Republic,
  • travel to India,
  • visit Canada,
  • travel to Costa Rica,
  • go snowboarding to Karpati,
  • go to Mars,
  • experience Hot Springs in Japan,
  • travel to Switzerland and Mexico,
  • visit Slovenia,
  • do a Eurotrip.

Which item do you connect with the most?

*Every Friday our teams in Ljubljana, Kyiv, and Luxembourg gather and do a fun activity together (offline or online). We meet inspiring entrepreneurs, who share their stories with us, play team-building games, share important news and – as the name “Friday Croissants” implies – enjoy croissants and coffee.

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