Domen's job: translating traditional logistics knowledge into digital language

15 January 2021

Domen's job: translating traditional logistics knowledge into digital language

Kicking-off his career in a traditional logistics company, Domen Rožman (who works with us as a project manager in logistics) knows exactly what it means to enter the digital logistics realm. Dynamics, innovation and the opportunity to co-create the future of logistics fuel his passion for digital logistics. 

How did you start your career in logistics and why? Why are you passionate about (digital) logistics? 

My career in logistics started somehow by mistake. I applied for a position in a big logistics company as a student without any experience and enjoyed it a lot, even though I had some prejudice about logistics itself before starting. When I got the opportunity to join Eurosender, I did not hesitate, because I really wanted to work with the trendsetters in digital logistics. Eurosender is one of very few digital logistics companies with such an advanced digital business model and progressive way of thinking. Digitalization enables us to upgrade existing logistics solutions, to develop new features based on big data and to adapt much faster than we would in a traditional environment.

The most interesting part of what I do is translate traditional logistics knowledge into digital language. I enjoy being a part of a team that combines the human factor with AI possibilities. There is a lot of dynamic project work and interaction with different stakeholders from all over the globe, but also plenty of opportunities for more individual focused work.

What do you believe is “the next big thing” in logistics?

Two things that fascinate me the most and that also bring a lot of new opportunities into the logistics are supply chain and IoT/big data. The supply chain is something almost as old as humanity, but when we combine it with IoT/big data, we open many new options regarding improved tracking, visibility, safety, and transparency of the whole logistic process.

What do you believe are the most important logistics trends? 

There are at least 2 very interesting trends gaining momentum in logistics: Artificial intelligence/Augmented reality and Real-Time Supply Visibility.

Artificial intelligence boosts human factor (knowledge, way of work, know-how,…) and with that not only saves time but also significantly reduces the number of mistakes.

Customers are interested in real-time tracking of their shipments because it allows them to adjust their needs based on data we gather in every step of the process. Logistics processes are very dynamic, so when we can see the data in real-time and react faster, it gives us a huge advantage.

What would be your advice to people starting their career in digital logistics?

Don’t be afraid and jump in the water, you will learn how to swim with the flow soon enough. Digital logistics as we see it in Eurosender is an evolving cluster of logistics and digital knowledge. It is groundbreaking regarding digital technology, but it is also hands-on as the logistic ecosystem is very practically oriented. One thing is for sure: if you decide to build your career in Eurosender, be ready for a lot of dynamics.

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